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Random · Acts · of · Kindness

First Theme and welcome

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Well, what do you think?
I'm not sure about the theme, so if you hate it, now is the time to tell me.
You can do that non-anonymously.
I kind of like my idealistic Icon for this entry :o).

But, even more importantly, Tell me about the first random act of kindness you can remember witnessing.
Or, better yet, being the subject of...
or, and, please, anonymously, the first random act of kindness you can remember committing.
Elaborate, please!

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On January 2nd, 2006 07:11 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
When I was in first grade, I had an extremely excelled reading level. There was a kid in my class who was a little slow, but it came to the point where other students and even the teacher gave up on teaching him. I gave up my recesses and stayed inside and taught this child to read. He graduated with me, on time, and his mother told me it was my doing. Just having him with me, graduating, really shows what tiny deeds do.
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