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First Theme and welcome

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Well, what do you think?
I'm not sure about the theme, so if you hate it, now is the time to tell me.
You can do that non-anonymously.
I kind of like my idealistic Icon for this entry :o).

But, even more importantly, Tell me about the first random act of kindness you can remember witnessing.
Or, better yet, being the subject of...
or, and, please, anonymously, the first random act of kindness you can remember committing.
Elaborate, please!

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On August 11th, 2005 05:54 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Last October, I was in Chicago with some friends celebrating a birthday. We went to this amazing Thai restaurant and each had a wonderful meal followed by some cocktails. In the end, everyone (except the birthday boy obviously) split the bill. After this amazing feast, we decided to walk around Grant Park for awhile. We walked around talking about old girlfriends and the Bears and how we should have gone to a strip club instead of walking around the park after dark, which we were pretty sure wasn’t legal since it was after sunset.

Here is where our act of kindness truly shown through. A bum came up to us while we were on our way out and asked us for some food or money. We looked down and realized that he had seen our leftovers and that was his reasoning for approaching us, or at least that is what we assumed. My friend looked at me and I shrugged so he began to hand the leftovers over to the homeless man when my other friend lunged towards the homeless man and stabbed him in the gut. We stood there in shock at what had just happened before us, but then my friend explained that he had done this man a favor by setting him free. He said, “The man obviously didn’t want to live anymore, but for him to commit suicide would deny his entrance into heaven, this was the only solution.” We all felt much better about what happened after that.

That cold night in October, we set a tormented man’s soul free to go to heaven. I don’t think you could display kindness any better.
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On August 11th, 2005 02:03 pm (UTC), thatguitarguy replied:
I'm not sure how to react to this one. I can see the kindness...but I also wonder if thats really what the person would of wanted...

and I'm not even sure if this story is true...blargy
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On August 11th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC), lovelark replied:
To be perfectly honest, I don't believe this story, but I'm going to treat it as if it were true.

It is no one's place to decide who wants to die, and who doesn't. Killing a man is not kind, and that's not what this community is about. Please don't kill any more people, homelessmen or otherwise.
I'm not going to bother pointing out the obvious religious flaws. It all depends on loosely held catholic dogma...

And, most "stabs to the gut", as you call them wouldn't be fatal. Painful, yes, but not fatal.
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On August 13th, 2005 07:42 am (UTC), thatguitarguy replied:
yeah I agree..its a little...off...
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